creating inventory reports has never been easier

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A simple, easy app to create inventories for unfurnished or furnished residential properties.

The app uses an intuitive system on a mobile device to create professional inventories which can be individually branded to suit the end user. It uses the latest technology and photos can be taken using an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch, timed, location, dated and included into the final report. Photos can also be added from other devices direct to the back up website which also allows for the reports to be edited.

The system allows for reports to be created for the check in, review and check out stages of an inventory.

In the event of a tenancy dispute relating to the condition of the property the report will help to provide a comprehensive report of the condition of the property at the start, interim and final inspection stages of the tenancy.


Compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini* with a pre set glossary which can be changed by each user to suit your own preferences.

The app works off line (you don’t need a phone reception or internet connection) when completing the inventory. When you do have network coverage just use the upload button and the inventories are refreshed to the web browser.

Changes can be tracked at the check in, check out and interim stages of the tenancy and inventories can be printed from the web browser anywhere, anytime. Once a report is created the inventory can be saved in pdf format, e-mailed or printed off.

The app works hand in hand with a bespoke website which allows for changes, uploading additional photos or photos from another device to create quality inventories. When taking photos using the mobile device they are automatically, timed, dated and integrated into the inventory document.

Don’t forget that the app is company specific – brand the inventories how you wish.

*If using an iPad then do be aware that the camera on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 is of a low pixel level and to create the best inventories it would be worth considering using a separate camera to take photos and then integrating the photos via the web browser


Use the latest technology to help complete a key part of the lettings process in the most efficient way.

Lettings professionals and landlords can complete a key part of the lettings process in an efficient manner and it saves time. I will repeat that, IT SAVES PRECIOUS TIME. Create formatted and standardised inventory reports in the most simple, intuitive and efficient way. Brand the report with your own logo and our pricing options are designed to suit all users, per inventory, monthly packages and discounts for yearly sign ups. Did we mention? It saves time!